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Assessment: Thinking Preferences Assessment (TPA) by NBI®

The TPA profile will show your thinking preferences – that is, which part of your brain you prefer to exercise the most in thinking and learning. Your brain profile gives an indication of how you prefer to communicate, manage, learn, teach, lead, solve problems, make decisions, form relationships and many more aspects of life. This two-part assessment provides not only provides your quadrant preference, but further breaks down those preferences into 8 dimensions. This provides a deeper level of analysis. Click here for a sample of the results.

Option 1: Assessment Only – $40.00

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Option 2: Add-On Coaching – $350.00

Have a certified coach to explain your assessment results. Discuss how your style may impact your teamwork, productivity, collaborations, and career path. Develop an action plan to begin to address your workplace challenges and development goals. Sessions are 50 minutes and held on the phone or via Skype. Through the TPA and coaching people are able to:

  • Develop better relationships
  • Make more dynamic contributions in a team context
  • Make sound and relevant decisions
  • Make more accurate job and career choices
  • Determine the correct subject or field of study for your academic life
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Enhance overall performance
  • Understand and accept different leadership styles
  • Develop sound skills development plans
  • Ensure proper job/skills fit

Option 3: Assessment + Coaching Package – $375.00

Choose both and pay less!

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